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Clergy Charities

Posted on Thursday 13 July 2017
There are two historic charities to which clergy, clergy widows, clergy children and clergy orphans can apply for financial assistance in times of need.


Charity for the relief of poor widows and children or clergymen within the county of Huntingdon (originally formed by act of Parliament in 1774).

“The objective of the Charity is the relief of widows and orphans of clergymen in the Church of England who have served in the archdeaconry of Huntingdon”.

The trustees believe that by being able to offer direct financial support to the widows and orphans of clergy they are able to reduce the worries and stress of serving clergy concerned about the long term financial stability of their families. In doing so the trustees believe they are both demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the families of those who wish to devote their lives to the service of the Church of England, whether through ordination or by lay service, and also assisting the individual serving priests and lay workers to focus on their vocation of serving not only those who regularly attend church services and activities but the wider public in their parishes. The trustees meet once a year.



Ely and Wisbech Clergy Widows and Orphans Charity (originally formed by act of parliament in 1790).

“The principal objective of the Charity is to provide financial benefit to the widows and orphans of clergymen who had served in the area of benefit and their dependants. If funding allows the trustees are able to apply any remaining income first for the relief of Clergy serving in the area of benefit and their dependants who are “in conditions of need”. Second for the relief of full time lay workers who are in conditions of need and their dependants serving in the area of benefit”.

The trustees meet twice a year.


The contact for both charities is the Diocesan Glebe and Investments Officer c/o the Diocesan Office (01353-652726).


The Church of England Welfare Benefits Adviser will be pleased to give advice about welfare benefits.

Contact Elena Benato, the Church of England Pensions Board-Housing, 29 Great Smith Street, London. SW1P 3PS. Telephone: 020-78981831 (direct); 0209-7898- 1824 (switchboard).

The Retired Clergy Association of the Church of England (RCACoE) website lists other charities which may be able to offer help to retired clergy in need.

To see this list visit their website at

The Harry and Katy Pollard Trust

Aims & activities: The object of The Harry and Katie Pollard Trust is to apply the income for relief of clergy widows and the unmarried daughters of deceased clergy, aged over 50 years. 

What the charity does: General charitable purposes; The prevention or relief of poverty; Religious activities

Who the charity helps: Elderly/old people’; People with disabilities; Other defined groups 

How the charity works: Makes grants to individuals