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Churches Conservation Foundation - small grants for objects

Posted on Wednesday 3 January 2018
A stitch in time saves nine â?? or so the old saying goes; we are well aware of that in dealing with the timely maintenance of our church buildings, but what about their important historic contents?

Most of us have our sights firmly fixed on the bricks and mortar, keeping the rain out and the roof on.  However, that proper prioritisation can sometimes push the very important, and often beautiful, historic contents of our churches onto the back burner.  

Now help is at hand from the Churches Conservation Foundation.  Small grants (£250-£2000) are now available for the conservation and repair of historic objects which are outside the scope of normal building fabric repairs.  Examples might include: work to listed headstones and monuments, wall paintings, rood screens, fonts, carved stonework, stained glass and altar cloths. 

More information on this grants programme can be found here: