Finding faith

People find faith in all sorts of different ways. For some they were brought up with it, and it has been at the centre of their lives from the very beginning.

However we have got there, it' s important to remember that our finding faith has only been part of the story. Jesus told the story of a good shepherd, who hunted and hunted until he found a lost sheep and brought it home, and followed by telling about a woman who searched the whole house until she had found one lost coin (Luke chapter 7, verses 1-10). God has been searching for us, calling us back, all the time we thought it was us looking for God.

The story told by Jesus is important, because at heart Christianity is all about Jesus. More than just the most remarkable man who ever lived, Jesus is also called Emmanuel, meaning ' God with us' . In Jesus, God lived on this earth, shared our life, and died but also rose to life to leave death powerless. You can find out more at or at

Faith is not about understanding fully; it's about understanding enough to believe in God, and that what God has done in Jesus Christ has changed the whole world forever - and can change us. In some baptism services, those to be baptized say that they believe and trust in God. If believing is about recognising God is there and has reached out to us in Jesus, trusting is about moving from theory to practice, saying to God, ' If I can see just a little of how wonderful you are and of what you have done for me, I put myself in your hands. I am now yours, not mine.'

If you want to explore further, and discover more about finding faith, one of the best things is to join a course for enquirers, taking a few weeks to think, discuss and ask questions.