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Telling our stories

 People come to faith at all stages of life, from childhood to old age. It maybe through a sudden, life-changing experience or a gradual realisation of a personal Christian faith.

Every day across the country many Christians are living out their faith in their communities. By being open and listening to God they are accepting new challenges and new ways of life. Using the skills and talents that God has given them, they are able to help others reflect on His message. These people take 'church' out onto the streets and show God in action. By exploring their faith and continuing to grow and connect with God they are providing valuable resources for clergy and laity. The wonder of God can be seen in all things around them. Together they work to offer new ways of worship, serve their communities and support those in need. They are a wonderful group of inspiring individuals who are living out the Gospel and really making a difference.

You can explore some stories of faith here. If you'd like to add your own, please complete this form and help to inspire others.

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