#aChristmasMiracle - Spreading the hope and joy of Christmas to millions

For Holy Week, the Diocese of Ely and Ely Cathedral teamed up to run a joint social media campaign that ended up reaching over 1 million people in the space of a week. As a result of this, for Advent we have once again joined forces for another campaign - this time telling the Christmas story.

Entitled #aChristmasMiracle, our campaign launches on Advent Sunday (Sunday 3 December) and features a central film telling the story of the original Christmas miracle, the Nativity of Christ.

Supporting this film will be four additional discussion films that will explore the themes of both Advent and Christmas. These will help people to engage, get involved with and learn more about the true meanings of these two distinct liturgical seasons.

In addition to these discussion films, there will be a series of short articles published daily throughout Advent which will again allow people to learn and engage with Advent and the Christmas story more fully and deepen in discipleship.

The campaign will also include films from the Cathedral Boy & Girl Choristers and The Gesualdo Six singing some beautiful music. All films and articles will be available to view, free of charge, online so keep an eye on the Cathedral and Diocesan social media pages for these.

We would love for you all to share and use these films through your own channels too. So they will all be available to share and embed from the Cathedral and Diocesan social media channels for you to do just that.

The campaign has three pillars - to evangelise, deepen discipleship and encourage social transformation. We hope that these pillars, which underpin this campaign, will deliver some great results for you and your church, including encouraging people near you to find out more about what is happening near them.

We want your church to be directly involved in our efforts to spread the message of Christmas and to warmly invite people to come and have a church connected Christmas. We are therefore recommending and very much hoping that all Clergy, Churchwardens and those involved in their parishes take the following steps:

  • Please ensure that all Advent, Christmas and Epiphany services for your church are logged on www.achurchnearyou.com
  • That you please share/comment on Diocese and Cathedral films and posts through your channels (this will help them reach as many people as possible)
  • Take photos, films and create your own posts inviting people to get involved with your church
  • Use the #aChristmasMiracle tag in your posts so we can share your them to help you reach as many people as possible.

So watch this space as it’s not long now before we start posting and we cannot wait to hear what you think.

If you have any questions about this campaign in the meantime, please contact either James Owen at james.owen@elydiocese.org or George Reynolds at g.reynolds@elycathedral.org.

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