It's hard to believe that we've only got a few more days in schools here. In one way, the three weeks have flown by but in another way, I feel that I've been here for months. The eight of us in the teaching team could not be more different to each other but living and working together and a shared faith has created a fantastic bond between us. Many have a crazy sense of humour too...essential when the van disappears, the long drop toilets are full of cockroaches, the plan changes for the tenth time that day or the mosquitoes are biting!

Our Rwandan colleagues are truly inspirational and our team teaching has gone smoothly. They ask many, many questions, and so we have to be ready to teach, train and mentor at a moment’s notice! 106 attended the weekend workshops from all over Kigali. I've also helped them to create two school libraries which has been very satisfying.

We are now doing the follow-up visits to schools to distribute more resources, especially copies of the new curriculum textbooks. Many teachers do not have any texts at all. We have also been meeting with the new diocese education team to help with their oversight tasks and to encourage the setting up of teacher support networks.

Our church visits have allowed us to see faith in action in parishes where churches are responsible for providing the only education facilities in remote areas. The teachers there are working under very difficult conditions.

It's been an amazing privilege to work in this beautiful country!

Best wishes,


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