Baptism Authorised Lay Ministry Course (ALM)

Saturday 16 September 2017
Saturday 16 September 9.30-2pm and then five consecutive Wednesday evenings, starting Wednesday 20 September.
Venue: Diocesan Office, Barton Road, Ely CB7 4DX
This new Baptism ALM course is offered as six sessions starting in Autumn 2017. It is for those already involved in Baptism preparation or those who would like to support their clergy in this way. The course is open to those who are already an ALM, want to become an ALM or simply wish to attend.

The course aims to give lay people:

  • Training in understanding the sacrament of Baptism
  • Increased understanding of what young families are looking for
  • Ideas for engagement with families prior to Baptism
  • Ways to support and complement your clergy
  • Resources to continue & develop the relationship with Baptismal families
  • The ability to increase the capacity of their church to reach out to young families

Baptism Authorised Lay Minister (ALM) requires:

  • Endorsement from incumbent and PCC to undertake training (see Training Application Form)
  • Attendance at Growing as a Disciple Course
  • Attendance at all 6 sessions of the Baptism ALM Course
  • Short written assignment

The course is also to those who do NOT wish to become a Baptism ALM but want to continue to develop their ministry in working with Baptism Families.

More details about the course

Session 1: Sacrament

This session will look at our calling as the People of God and will consider how we both welcome and uphold those who come for Baptism. A new baptism toolkit will be offered for delegates to use and it will be modified by the cohort during the course, This session will be led by Rev. Ally Barrett, Director of Pastoral Studies at Westcott College.

Session 2: Vocation

What does it mean for us to be part of this work? As well as exploring aspects of vocation with Rev. Rob Taylor, Bishop’s Officer for Growing Vocations, two lay people from different churches with considerable practical experience in leading this ministry for their churches, will share some of their experiences.

Session 3: Millennials

Ed Olsworth-Peter, Fresh Expressions of Church & Young Adults Adviser for Ely Diocese, will help explore just who generations Y and Z are and how, through understanding their needs and expectations, we can make the most of Baptism as a missional opportunity, not only to the baptism family but also their extended families & friends.

Session 4: Special

How can the Baptism team work with the vicar in making the Baptism service a special event for the parents, families and godparents? Rev. Natalie Andrews will share her experience and suggest ideas for resources that might be used to make the event memorable for all the right reasons!

Session 5: Relationship

How can we move from an event to a relationship? Canon B26 states the church has a responsibility to give and receive instruction-how do we offer this in an attractive way? What can we do when our resources are very limited? What is the role of social media? Rev Oliva Coles, the newly appointed Baptism+ Coordinator for Ely Diocese, will suggest simple ways in which the relationship can be developed.

Session 6: Growing

Rev Ally Barrett returns to help us review the toolkit resources and to facilitate effective problem solving approaches to the difficult questions.


Course Facilitator and Host is Debbie Hill

Ely Diocesan Children’s Adviser & Regional Coordinator for Cambridgeshire Messy Churches

Cost and booking:

Free  Please book in advance.
Contact Debbie Hill for more information:
Diocesan Office
Bishop Woodford House
Barton Road
Ely CB7 4DX
Tel: 07837 699016

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