Ordained ministers are called by God to fulfil a priestly role in the church and community or parish.

Their work is to build up the church and its congregations and also to have the care of those who live and work in the parish in their minds and hearts. It is a ministry of leadership, care and mission.

Find out more about what ordained ministry is and the process of training here.

Further resources about ordained ministry

Here you will find further resources about what it means to be ordained in the Church of England.

  • The Church of England Vocations booklet.
  • is a website aimed particularly at those under 30 exploring a call to ordained ministry.
  • The Church of England has published a booklet on Minority Ethnic vocations which you can download here.
  • Jules Middleton, a Church of England ordinand, has blogged about the discernment process and what to expect here.

Some suggested further reading

  • Jonathan Lawson and Gordon Mursell: Hearing the Call (SPCK 2014) (this is particularly aimed at those under 30, but it offers rich material for reflection for all ages)
  • John Pritchard: The Life and Work of a Priest (SPCK 2007)
  • Gordon Oliver: Ministry without Madness (SPCK 2012)
  • John Adair: How to find your vocation (Canterbury Press, 2000)