Opportunities for LLM Training

Including Children and Family Ministers.

Now is the time to contact Rob Taylor (vocations@elydiocese.org) or Debbie Hill (Children and Family Ministers - mission@elydiocese.org) to register your interest ready for applications in April 2018.

You are invited to a ‘Party with a Purpose’ on 11th January 2018 to hear of the experiences of those already in training. Email vocations@elydiocese.org for more information.

If you'd like to read more about what it means to be a Licensed Lay Minister, please take a look at our LLM page.


Good News - God has shown his love for us by choosing to die rather than live without us.

Good News - He chose us to be family, with him and with each other.

Good News - because of his love for us, he wants the very best for us in our lives, our purpose and our destiny.

Good news – God has a plan and a purpose just for you, fulfilling your gifts and talents – that will bless you and others.

To be fully alive will mean finding what the “best” actually is for you today and tomorrow - what makes you come truly alive. It is through Jesus you become better at being your true self, and so discover life in all its fullness, your real vocation. Vocations then work with discipleship, the commitment to following Jesus to the “promised land” (and promised life in all its fullness).

As Bishop Stephen writes: At the heart of the gospel is Jesus' invitation to abundant life. And as a diocese we are committed to being a people fully alive. To respond to Jesus' invitation is about discovering our real life (our vocation) in God.

The trouble is, we don’t always believe that God wants the very best for us. We are afraid. And it is this fear that robs us of all the goodness God wants to bless us with. So take courage to explore what God might have for you, and through you.

The Vocations team are here to help you to discover it and then support you in it. You will find some of that help on the Exploring Vocation page.

This approach, which we call Vocational living, is intentionally finding a lifestyle based on the divine call to follow Jesus, in general and in the specifics. It is seeking your promised life and creating the promised land.

Contact us to learn more

Rob Taylor - 01353 652716 or email on rob.taylor@elydiocese.org

Vocation Sunday – 7th May 2017

An invitation to life in all its fullness by following the call of Jesus; the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Resurrection – An invitation to live life in its fullness

Thinking about vocation – Do you dream of changing the world?