What does the Mission Team do?

The Mission Team exists to serve the churches, leaders, partnerships and projects across Ely Diocese by offering training, funding, support and by highlighting resources.

We encourage churches seeking to be missional to pray and to discern together where God is at work and to then to join in.mission_graphic_small.jpg

We offer support to mission leaders and we speak up for mission issues and kingdom values within the diocese.

Following the diocesan vision statement, we aim to be prayerful, generous and visible people who promote vibrant outward facing Christian community. This orientation results  from our identity being found in Jesus Christ.

What’s our strategy for encouraging mission across the diocese?

As a team, our work is underpinned theologically by the five marks of mission as identified by the Anglican Consultative Council (teaching, training; transforming, tending and treasuring). In practice work is focused around the following operational areas:   

World issues, local mission, children and youth, and social justice.

With this remit, our strategic priorities are based on the diocesan mission imperatives:

ENGAGE: God loves everyone and everything that God has made. The church therefore needs to engage with all sorts of people that make up our region. We want to enable new Christian communities to emerge in new places and for individuals to know the grace of God. 

GROW: Our passion is to see the Church grow. We want to work with churches to help enable mission strategies appropriate to their local context. We offer training, support & seminars that help better understand the context where we are.  

DEEPEN: We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Faith is a way for living life to the full.   

Within the Mission Team, we aim to equip and support churches in their mission and ministry among children, young people, young adults and in the wider world.

Raising awareness of injustice, care for creation and partnership with Christians in Kigali, Vellore & Germany helps broadens our horizons and our understanding of the gospel. Through our local mission project fund, we are able to help resource and support new mission initiatives across the diocese. 

For more information about Blended and to book tickets visit our Fresh Expressions of Church page. 

Making new Disciples

Interested in discovering what's around by way of evangelism strategies & courses? Well this book is for you! This new book maps that landscape very clearly and provides up to date thinking on many of the key issues for missional leaders. Filled with lots of stories and good quotes this book is an excellent summary of current mission issues.

Peter Wood, Feb 16     

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Director of Mission

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Youth Advisor

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Children's Adviser

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Fresh Expression of Church and Young Adults Adviser

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Mission Administrator

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