Children 's work within Ely Diocese

The Diocese of Ely is passionate about promoting, and developing good work with families, children and young people.

We believe that this ministry is of paramount importance to the Church 's mission.

In Matthew 18:3 Jesus challenges us to become like little children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Children are spiritual beings with their own thoughts and feelings about God. Our role is to nurture and encourage them to grow to a full and mature faith in Christ and to help them find their place to serve in the church community.

Children 's Adviser Role

The role of the Adviser is to create vision, resource, equip, train and encourage those working with children in the diocese. Different strategies will be needed in different settings. The Adviser is keen to help churches discern the best way forward for them. Projects and training are often delivered with our ecumenical partners.

We work with GenR8, a charity which aims to give every primary school age child the opportunity to hear about and respond to the Christian faith. GenR8 works with schools and churches and we partner with them to deliver training events and Inspire Prayer Spaces. We also work in conjunction with the United Reformed Church Eastern Region to promote effective training for those working with children.


Ely Diocese also has a number of Messy Churches and the Children's Adviser is the Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Cambridgeshire.

If you are interested in starting or finding a Messy Church, please contact the Adviser, who can offer advice and training. If you would like to view the Messy Church website, you will find a link here.


We also support the work of The Children 's Society.

This charity works to safeguard, defend and protect children and young people through campaigns and the provision of a range of services. We partner with them to raise awareness of the issues affecting children and young people and they will often be represented at our training events.