Mission Blog

Looking for an opportunity to explore your pioneer vocation in partnership with a local church?
Demystifying the Teenager & Understanding Youth Culture A Free Seminar for Clergy, Parents, Youthworkers, Chaplains, ALMs, LLMs, and anyone engaging with 11-18s
A chance to reflect on the plight of refugees and work done locally by the Ely Refugee Resettlement Campaign and, nationally, Amnesty UK
The Ely 2025 Mission Fund has two seed corn funds. Both of these funds will only support new mission initiatives and the focus of any application needs to be on people rather than on equipment.
The Statistics for Mission 2015 showed that Ely Diocese had 1640 baptisms and thanksgivings for children under 12. This Bishop’s Study Day held at Over on March 2 was offered to clergy and all those interested in developing the opportunities of baptism.