Young People

The Mission Team of Ely Diocese believes passionately in the importance of engaging relevantly, effectively, and early with young people within our churches, schools, and communities.

We also work with parishes, youth agencies, leaders and individuals to strategically develop a Vision for Youth Ministry – whatever the context and, within that, offer events, training, and resources that aim to encourage and grow an enhanced confidence in working with young people.

The Mission Team oversees youth development and seeks to engage with churches, youth leaders, regional and national Youth agencies and individuals to explore how together we can engage relevantly with those aged 11-18, and see growth in models of Youth ministry across the diocese.

We would love to work with you in developing a growing vision for your youth ministry, tackling key challenges that you are facing, or explore options for resources, events, or engaging with young people in your local community.

Youth-focused Monthly Mailings

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Youth Leader Training and Conferences

We offer a wide-range of Youth-themed Seminars and Training events to equip and work with individual Youth Workers, Ministers, or whole youth teams and volunteers, in how to effectively engage and disciple young people. For full information about upcoming training dates, events, and conferences – click here

Youth Leader Gatherings

The Mission Team is part of the Cambridge Youthwork Collective (CYWC). This is a collaborative group of partners which includes Cambridge & District Youth for Christ (YFC), Urban Saints, CYM Ridley Hall, Scripture Union, Romsey Mill and WCCYM.

The Cambridge Collective run many Training events during the year and organise a ‘Collective Termly’ gathering for all those involved in Youth Ministry. This is called the ‘Collective Termly’ gathering and is open to all those involved in paid or voluntary youth ministry roles in whatever context around the diocese.

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