Rave in the Nave

Rave in the Nave - Re-imagined - Re-generated - Refreshed!

For 23 years the popular Rave in the Nave youth event has been held in Ely Cathedral. Geared toward 11 - 18 year olds, the hugely successful event has seen over 18,000 young people and youth leaders enter the cathedral doors.

Young people have been able to enjoy Christian music bands, a variety of entertainment, a Chill-Out Cafe, 'The Spirit Zone', and the chance to explore elements of the Christian faith.

This event has made an impression on people's lives, and that is to be celebrated! However, an ever-changing youth culture means that it is time to re-evaluate what sort of new missional initiative might better fit today's young people and culture. We need to dicover a new way to engage with them.

Rave in the Nave will not take place as usual in July 2016. Instead it is looking to evolve. A new group under the umbrella-name of 'RE-IMAGINE' is meeting to discuss what missional outreach event or project will meet the aims of connecting young people to the gospel.

Members of the current RE-IMAGINE group include Ely Diocese, Newmarket YFC, Urban Saints, Cambridge YFC, Ely Cathedral, The Salvation Army and The Methodist circuit. If you are interested to be part of this process please email us on reimagine2015@gmail.com

Call to action:

  • Did you ever attend Rave in the Nave? Please post memories, testimonies or stories about the impact Rave has had over the years by going to the Rave in the Nave Facebook page!

This page will keep you up-to-date with emerging plans.