Parish Statistics for Mission Dashboards

Each year, parishes are asked to make an annual return known as the “Statistics for Mission”. This return asks every parish in the country for their attendance figures over the previous year.

The national Church then reproduces this information in an easy to use format, called Parish Dashboards.

We suggest that once a year the PCC reviews the statistics for its parish and discusses the general trends.

Some trends will be encouraging and PCCs may want to ask what can be done to do even better in the following year.

Other statistics may be less encouraging. In these instances PCCs are asked to consider what lessons might be learnt, what may need to change and what can be done to reverse any decline (whether it be anything from falling baptism numbers to a decline in Sunday attendance).

These conversations can then feed into the Annual Review of the Development Action Plan that every parish is asked to produce in accordance with the Diocesan Strategy - Ely2025: A people Fully alive.

Hugh McCurdy Alex Hughes

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