Ely Healing Advisory Group

Our aim as a group is to encourage our churches to be seen as places of healing and to facilitate this process. Approaches vary from the more sacramental to the overtly charismatic.

We want to offer support to parishes as they explore the various aspects of the Christian healing ministry in their own unique situation.

The Healing Advisory Group is a resource of experienced, ecumenical practitioners who can offer help and guidance to parishes on various healing issues. We are keen to visit parishes for evening or day sessions on various aspects of the healing ministry, for instance:

  • Teaching on the healing services
  • Teaching and guidance on prayer ministry
  • Training and guidance on listening skills
  • Training and advice on issues of forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Advice on healing and disability
  • Advice regarding mental health issues
  • Biblical reflection exploring the practical expressions of this ministry.


  • Alasdair Coles (doctor, hospital chaplain, Bishop' s Adviser on Healing)
  • Anne Aldridge (Chaplain, Ridley Hall and Anglican minister)
  • Deborah McVey (Chaplain, Addenbrooke' s Hospital and URC minister)
  • Ian Randall (Chaplain, Addenbrooke' s Hospital, and Baptist Minister)
  • Catherine Price (nurse and Parish Nurse)

Diocesan Guidelines on the Healing Ministry

We recommend following the good practices laid out in:

A Time to Heal Handbook

The Development of Good Practice in the Healing Ministry

Author(s): Archbishops' Council 2013

ISBN-13: 9780715110706