Recognising Domestic Abuse

Victims of domestic abuse may be in a situation where they believe their safety depends upon nobody finding out what is going on at home. However, if you have concerns about someone you feel may be at risk, you may be aware of the following signs:

  • Regular bruises or injuries which are not satisfactorily explained ( just clumsy ; or accident prone ;)
  • Needing to check with a partner before committing to any activity outside the home, however minor
  • A period of unusually quiet or withdrawn behaviour
  • Frequent absences from work, church or other commitments, with a range of excuses
  • Clothes that are chosen to conceal injuries, even on a warm day (long sleeves, polo neck tops, dark glasses inside buildings for tired eyes ;)
  • An unwillingness to talk about a partner or any aspect of home life
  • Frequent texts or calls from a partner when the victim is out and about (to check up ; and stay in control)
  • Excessive anxiety about being late home