Diocesan Directory Updates

Please download and complete the 2017 Diocesan Directory Update form below and return it to the Diocesan Office by 31 May 2017.

Diocesan Database & Directory Return 2017 - MS WORD Version

Diocesan Database & Directory Return 2017 - PDF Version

The form should be completed at your Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which must take place before 30 April.

Completion of this form ensures we have the correct contact details for those supporting our parishes.

It is the responsibility of the PCC Secretary to help ensure it is completed and returned to the Diocesan Office.

We ask that all relevant fields are filled in, even if some information is unchanged from previous years.

Our records need to be current so that we can contact parishes on Diocesan and Parish business. Remember – you can also update your records at any time by emailing your details, listing any changes, to jackie.cox@elydiocese.org.

You can specify which pieces of information we can share in the Diocesan Directory and on the Diocesan website for each entry.

You can return this form by post, or alternatively you can download a copy and email a scan to us. Details to do this are below.




Bishop Woodford House

FAO Jackie Cox

Barton Road



Data Protection

Some roles are considered to be public offices (e.g. Churchwardens, PCC/Benefice Secretaries and PCC/Benefice Treasurers). For these positions, we expect at least one piece of contact information to be publicly available (i.e. on our Diocese website or in the Diocesan Directory). If, however, there is a valid reason why your contact details should be withheld, there is the option for you to request this.