Training and Young People

We seek to continually provide encouragement for those working with 11-18s and see those involved equipped, trained, supported, and growing in confidence to effectively engage and disciple the young people in their communities.

We provide a variety of events and training tools for those working with young people – a snapshot of which is as below.

Higher Tour Cambs 2018

HIGHER 2018 - We are currently planning for Youth Mission weeks in October 2018 working in collaboration with The Message and their Higher Tour bands. This aims to see Secondary Schools-based mission weeks in three strategic areas around Ely Diocese, all culminating in an evangelistic outreach event at the end of the Schools weeks that will relevantly engage all young people aged 11-18.

These plans are forming out of a collaboration between Ely Diocese, YFC, Scripture Union, Urban Saints, Romsey Mill, Schools-based charities and many youthwork practitioners from local Churches across the diocese.

For further information on plans for HIGHER 2018 go to The Higher Tour Cambs 2018 website here


  • Ely Diocese in partnership with Cambridge & District Youth for Christ (YFC)
  • A 5-Session Training Course to equip and train your team in how to effectively disciple your Young people.
  • It will help you to evaluate what effective Youth ministry looks like, how we encourage growth in faith in our young people, grow ourselves as leaders, and recruit others to join the action!
  • See the Resource Flyer for full details. The 5 sessions of filmed footage will guide you effectively through the course and suggest key discussion questions for you and your co-leaders to discuss. Reflection Sheets will provide questions for you to take away and reflect further on your own Youth ministry practice.
  • The Course is formed for you to run in the context of your own Church, or by joining together with other Churches and Youth teams in your area.
  • Check out the website click here.

  • Ely Diocese in partnership with CYM Ridley Hall, the Eastern Baptist Association, and key local and national Practitioners
  • myyouthworklife is a brand new website full of advice and tools from experienced Youth Ministry Practitioners with the aim of sharing resources, good practice, and to equip and resource other Practitioners in all aspects of Youth Ministry and Best Practice.
  • With written pieces from over 30 passionate and experienced Youthworkers, check out the website above and explore what it has to offer by clicking here
  • From Evangelism to Safeguarding, to Working with Volunteers, to Mapping your Community – head to the website and explore the material that could help train and equip your Youth volunteers and enhance your ministry.

Seminars and workshops

  • We run a stream of seminars and workshops during the year.
  • Previous seminars have led us to engage with relevant topics which effect young people such as Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Loneliness and Depression amongst young people, Supporting through Bereavement, Challenging the culture of Pornography amongst young people, Girls & Identity, and Demystifying the Teenager & Understanding Youth culture.
  • Seminars for 2019 will continue to look at issues around young people and aspects of Mental Health.


  • We are happy to help you explore a wide variety of resources to help support your youthwork practice.
  • Whether it is to enhance your church-based youthwork, integrate with your local schools, develop a good mentoring code of practice, or explore options for youth events or activities. Please contact us for more information, advise, and resource discounts.


  • Training in elements of youthwork and in working alongside young people can be accessed via the diocese and is often led by our Partnerships with the national and local youthwork agencies such as Youth for Christ (YFC), Urban Saints, Scripture Union, Romsey Mill and CYM.


Authorised Lay Ministry (Youth Ministry) is currently under review. For more details please email Lisa Tulfer