Local Mission Project Fund

Car Club, Holiday at Home, re:fresh, Messy Church - just some of the funded projects that feature in the latest edition of the report.


Local mission project fund report - summer 2015 (pdf, 1.5mb)

The Local Mission Project Fund is a grant-giving fund held by the Mission Team of Ely Diocese. The Fund exists to support and encourage new and developing Missional projects and initiatives in Churches, Schools, and communities around the diocese.

Who is it for?

Any Church of England Church can make an application to the Local Mission Project Fund at any time to apply for funding to support a current mission project that is in line with their mission action plan.

How much money can I bid for?

The Fund is able to grant amounts of up to £3000 towards an innovative project or idea. The amount agreed is at the discretion of the Director of Mission and can only be granted to a single church once in any one year.

How do I apply?

An application form must be completed to process any request for funding. Contact the Mission Team

E: mission@elydiocese.org T: 01353 652736

Applications should outline what the project is, what grant-money is being requested being as specific as possible, the nature of the project/initiative, and how it is engaging with those outside of the Church.

Any completed application form can then be posted or emailed into the mission team at the email address as noted above.

When will I hear if I've been successful? What happens next?

Applications are considered upon receipt, and applicants will usually hear within a couple of weeks.

If the request is not granted, future applications will still be considered.

If the request is granted, the applicant will be notified and funds processed within the next few weeks. All grant monies are transferred via BACS directly into the Church bank accounts.

If I am given a grant, is there anything asked of me in return? How do I stay connected?

We ask that you write a short report after 4-6months outlining how the money has been used and how the project is developing. We aim to visit the project and to keep in contact where possible.

Examples of recent Local Mission Projects and initiatives

  • A Car Club: hands-on practical weekly Workshop-sessions, providing a means for teenage lads to engage with Christians and their local church.
  • Messy Church - Various Churches started up their own Messy Church in 2014, in order to engage more with the 'families' .
  • A Seniors Lunch Club - providing a lunch-gathering, run by the Church, for all Seniors in the local community to engage with.