Project Support

In order to help applicants realise good positive outcomes the Diocese will put in place a series of measures that will support and help focus the goals of the project.

(i) Project Friend

For each successful application in the Growth Fund the Diocese will offer a Project friend to accompany the project to enable the project to be as successful as possible. This person will be experienced in project management and a source of support throughout the project. They will act like a critical friend.

10 Project Friends will be recruited.

(ii) The Fund Administrator

In the first instance this will be the Director of Mission. The administrator is always available to advise and support applicants. A significant part of the administrator’s role will be promotion of the new funding available.

(iii) Employment

Applicants need to ensure that they pay (at the very least) the living wage. Two day training for Line Management is required where the project recruits a new employee.

(iv) Project Management Training

It is envisaged that this will be over two days.