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Bishop's Advisor for Racial Justice

The Diocese of Ely seeks to:

  • Engage fully and courageously with the needs of our communities, locally and globally.
  • Grow God’s church by finding disciples and nurturing leaders.
  • Deepen our commitment to God through word, worship and prayer.

A Bishop’s Advisor - Role Description

The role of a Bishop’s Advisor is to:

  • provide support, practical information, links and resources for clergy and laity
  • speak into and help formulate diocesan processes, policies and procedures
  • raise awareness and engagement across the Diocese
  • be able to provide up to date information and advice for the Bishops within the diocese to equip them in their role.
  • be an advocate for the needs of specific groups of people and areas of ministry within the Diocese to ensure that, as a Diocese, we continue to be able to engage, grow and deepen
  • represent the Diocese at relevant conferences and organisations as agreed

The Bishop's Advisor for Racial Justice

  • The Diocese of Ely welcomes and celebrates the diversity of ministry which serve and enrich our parishes. The Diocese is committed to the mutual flourishing of all people, enabling their full inclusion and participation. The Racial Justice Advisor will play a key role in supporting and equipping parishes to achieve this.

The Bishop’s Advisor for Racial Justice will:

  • work alongside and have the support of colleagues in the Mission & Ministry Team in order to undertake an ‘audit’ of where we are as a Diocese with regard to the broader matters of UK Minority Ethnic / Global Majority Heritage.
  • develop ways to address the issue of increasing UKME/GMH Ordinands, Clergy and Lay Ministers as well UKME/GMH representation on our various governing bodies, ranging from Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) to Diocesan Boards and Committees.
  • guide and advise, especially in the significant wider agenda of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, ensuring that UKME/GMH matters are not considered in isolation.
  • be an integral part of the Mission and Ministry Team and provide the ‘racial justice perspective’ as work develops and evolves.

Hours of Work

  • This role is in addition to other responsibilities that the individual may have within a work, home,  parish and Diocesan context. As such, there are no set hours of work and the expectation is that the individual will manage their time appropriately, ensuring that other commitments do not suffer. The Deputy Director of Mission and Ministry is available to talk through conflicting priorities as needed.
  • The Diocese is committed to the wellbeing of all and therefore continues to advocate that all Bishop’s Advisors continue to observe a regular time of rest and that individuals continue to maintain a healthy rhythm of spiritual nourishment.
  • All Bishop’s Advisors are encouraged to attend the Extended Mission and Ministry Team meetings every 6 weeks and will normally meet with the Bishop annually.

Support and Personal Formation

  • As well as being part of the Mission and Ministry Team, all Bishop’s Advisors will have a one-to-one meeting with the Deputy Director of Mission and Ministry (either face to face or via zoom) which will review work being undertaken, set priorities, monitor workload and provide a ‘sounding board’. These will take place at least termly or more frequently as required and agreed.
  • Individuals are encouraged to access further training/support that will equip them in their role.

Financial Details

  • This is not a paid post within the Diocese.
  • However, travel and reasonable expenses that are incurred as part of the Bishop’s Advisor role will be covered through the Mission and Ministry Team budget. Please talk to the Deputy Director of Mission and Ministry about any expenditure before a financial commitment is made.
  • In order to reflect the additional responsibility that an Advisor undertakes, it has been agreed that the CMD allowance for an individual is £500 per annum.


  • If you want to discuss this role further, please contact the Revd Peter Leech, Deputy Director of Mission and Ministry, initially by email at
  • To apply for this role, please submit an expression of interest to, detailing your suitability for the role.
  • Applications are initially requested by 21 October 2022.
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First published on: 12th September 2022
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