Fordham and Quy Deanery reflect on race and racism


In response to requests to learn more about why the Black Lives Matter campaign is so important, the Fordham and Quy Deanery has held their first of four zoom sessions reflecting on race and racism in church and society.

They considered what it means to be black and talked about the concept of white privilege.

The rev Nikki adds: “We sat painfully and uncomfortably as we heard example after example of racism, including hurtful experiences from children as young as 11. Cricketer and commentator Nasser Hussain said recently before the start of the cricket“People will be tuning in and saying: ‘Not this again,’ All I’ll say to those people who say ‘not again’ is that a few weeks ago I watched a black man being killed in front of my eyes and my natural reaction was to look away. Next time that footage came on, I forced myself to watch because I felt something inside of myself say: ‘You’ve been looking away too long.’”

If you would be interested in being involved with a course in your area please get in touch with the Rev Nikki Mann here -

The Rev Nikki Mann is Bishop's Adviser on BAME Matters and Priest-in-Charge of the Raddesley Group.



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