Ely 2025 Mission Fund

Ely 2025 Mission Funds

We believe in a God of growth. We believe that our duty as Christians is to grow in faith, grow the church to God's glory and grow in our service of the community.

The Ely 2025 Growth Fund and Local Mission Project Funds have been set up to encourage and support growth across the Diocese.

The Diocese of Ely is pleased to announce that a further £200,000 will be made available to new projects; in addition to continuing to support the ongoing, existing projects.

Submissions will reopen soon. More details will follow. 

We are aware that Mission is God's activity and happens in God's time. We need to put ourselves and our resources in a place where this can happen. We need to nurture the soil in which such growth can happen, we need to create an environment where small seeds can flourish and grow to fruition. (Matthew 13.31-32)

We are not advocating size over service or works over grace, but we do believe we are called to use our God given resources, contexts, skills and relationships as well as we can, for people to experience the transformational power of God's grace. Mission is an activity in which we become co-workers with what God is already doing. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. (1 Corinthians 3.6)

The purpose of these funds will be to provide funding for projects that engage in mission, with the aim of growing the church in size, in spiritual depth and in service to the wider community. In doing this the Diocese is working with an orientation set by the national church and follows our mission imperatives which encourage us to engage courageously with our communities, a desire to grow God's church and deepen our commitment to God through loving service.

The Funds

The Local Mission Project Fund

For the past three years the Local Mission Project Fund provided up to £1000 of one-off seed corn funding annually.

To encourage more one-off project awards we have now increased this upper level to £3000. The wide variety of projects that this fund can support can be seen in the recently published report.

For greater scrutiny applications will in future be considered by a Local Mission Project Fund (LMPF) committee. The LMPF Committee will include the Mission Leads, plus two other members of Bishop's Council.

The Growth Fund

Awards range from £3000-£20,000 annually each year and can be for up to three years. More could be made available but only in exceptional circumstances.

Applications to this fund will generally expect matched funding.

One off grants of up to £5,000 may be offered where no matched funding is available but are limited to areas of economic deprivation where there is outstanding evidence of a significant missional opportunity. Such applications will need wide ranging support and a convincing strategy for ongoing funding.

Where funding is awarded for more than one year the funding for subsequent years will taper downwards to ensure sustainability planning for after the funding period ends.

Training will be provided so that projects can be as fruitful as possible. Once successful, applicants will be trained in target setting and in measuring the development of the project to ensure they are achieving agreed outcomes.

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