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Posted on Tuesday 20 February 2018
Open your doors to Fairtrade this Fairtrade Fortnight and close the door on the exploitation facing the people who produce the things we love to eat, drink and wear.

The nationwide Fairtrade Fortnight campaign ‘Come On In’ will run from Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March, an invitation to come in to the world of the people who grow our food to see what life can be like when farmers and workers aren’t paid fairly.

Across the world, millions of the farmers who produce our favourite products are struggling to make a living. However hard they work they still aren’t paid enough to provide decent food, education or healthcare for their families or to invest in better farming.

Fairtrade makes a difference by supporting farmers working hard for a fairer deal to bring resilience and hope to their communities.

It would be good to hear about and help publicise the events and activities being organised by churches, schools and parishes around the Diocese during Fairtrade Fortnight.

For more information about the campaign and how to get involved, visit

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