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The impact of new government building regulations on churches in Kigali

Posted on Thursday 22 March 2018
Can I encourage you to please pray for the churches in Kigali as they face the challenge of meeting new government requirements on buildings.

These requirements include: 

  1. Churches need to have enough land, should be paved, enough parking space.
  2. Churches should have enough lavatories (at least two for men and two for women)
  3. Church buildings should have an occupation certificate given by authorities to authenticate that they are safe to be used.
  4. They should operate not in tents, or in commercial houses, to avoid noise pollution.

Following the given standards given by RGB (The Rwanda Governance Board) some churches are being closed or given a short period when those churches will be closed if some targets are not met

As a result 12 Anglican churches were recently closed in Kigali. 

You may be asking yourself why?

For background please do read the BBC articles below: 

How to pray?

  1. Many of church members are now working tirelessly to meet the requirements, others will have to go through asking for construction permits which take a long time.
  2. There is a speculation that in line with concern over standards all pastors in Rwanda who do not have a theological training will be stopped from serving. This would affect many Kigali pastors.

Please note our desire to support training at KATC.

Watch out for more video resources to celebrate Kigali Sunday which is the last Sunday in May.

Thank you 


Peter Wood

Director of Mission