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Update to Churchyard Regulations - June 2018

Posted on Thursday 21 June 2018
There has been an update to the Churchyard Regulations by the Chancellor.

The previous regulations did not address the question of grave markers placed near the grave by the grave digger or funeral director. These grave markers have, in the past, been erected without the knowledge or consent of the parish priest. 

To address this, Paragraph 4 of the Churchyard Regulations has been amended to include provision that a small temporary wooden cross may be used as a grave marker between a burial and the erection of a permanent memorial, with the approval of the Minister. The new wording reads as follows: 

At least six months must have elapsed since the date of burial before a monument may be introduced. Between a burial and the erection of a permanent memorial, a small temporary wooden cross, not more than 900mm (3ft) in height (measured from the surface of the ground) in width may be used to mark a grave, with the prior approval of the Minister.

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