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Ely Diocesan Synod - Notice of Election Vice Presidents and Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity

Posted on Wednesday 5 September 2018
Following the recent elections to Diocesan Synod for the 2018 - 2021 triennium, members of Diocesan Synod are hereby notified of the vacancies of Vice-President and Chair of the Houses of Clergy and Laity of Ely Diocesan Synod, and are invited to nominate candidates from amongst their number.

A list of elected lay and clergy members of Diocesan Synod set out by Deanery is available from the Diocesan Secretary’s PA,

Every nomination requires a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be qualified electors of the relevant House. All members of the Houses of Clergy and Laity of Diocesan Synod other than co-opted members are qualified electors for this purpose.

Nominations must be made in writing, using the appropriate form:

  • VP Clergy Notice and Nomination Form (linked below)
  • VP Laity Notice and Nomination Form (linked below)

All nominations must be accompanied by signed confirmation of the candidate’s willingness to serve, and include an election address of no more than 150 words to be received by the Deputy Diocesan Secretary, Miss Frances Godden, by 12 noon on Monday 24 September 2018.

The House Chairs and Vice-Presidents of Diocesan Synod play an important role in the governance of the Diocese. As House Chairs and Vice-Presidents, they:

  • are involved in planning and agreeing the agenda for Diocesan Synod
  • are ex-officio members of the Bishop’s Council
  • convene meetings of their respective Houses as necessary
  • chair sessions of the Diocesan Synod as agreed with the President
  • act as a senior public representative of the clergy and laity respectively
  • liaise closely together
  • provide advice to the Bishop as required
  • contribute to communication and consultation over national issues
  • act as a point of contact in the networks of clergy and lay people throughout the Diocese, and act as a conduit of concerns from those groups
  • contribute to committees and working groups as agreed

The timetable of these elections is as follows:

Notice of election and nomination papers issued to electors by:

3 September 2018

Nomination papers returned to the Deputy Diocesan Secretary by:

24 September 2018

Voting papers issued to electors by:

28 September 2018

Voting papers returned to the Deputy Diocesan Secretary by:

15 October 2018


16 October 2018

The successful candidate will be announced at the beginning of the first Diocesan Synod of the new triennium on 20 October 2018.