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Shelford School 175th Year Anniversary

Bishop Stephen at the 175 years celebration (Click to enlarge)

Bishop Stephen at the 175 years celebration

Posted on Monday 1 October 2018
In September the school celebrated its 175th anniversary with activities for the children and a fundraising campaign.

Shelford School opened its doors at Michaelmas, 1843.

For an account see ‘The Making of a Village School’ by Marjorie Westbrook, published in 1993 for the school’s 150th anniversary.

The school was set-up under the auspices of the National Society of the Church of England and funded by public donations.

Today the school remains a Voluntary Aided Church School funded by the Local Authority but it is still heavily dependent on contributions from the public – channelled through an energetic and successful PTA.

The 175th Anniversary Playground Appeal

Now Shelford School did come to life
When good Queen Vic was Albert’s wife.
The local people all agreed 
That children should learn how to read.
The public gave just what they could, 
The rich, the poor, the great, the good.
And so by eighteen forty three
A school was there for all to see.

The school has grown as Topsy did.
Behind the church you’ll find it hid.
How many have passed through its gate?
Perhaps five thousand plus to date.
The pupils now read books galore
With other subjects more and more.
But they still like to run about
And jump and climb and laugh and shout.

Alas, the tarmac where they play
Has seen many a better day.
Potholes and cracks and bumps abound
Where there should be just level ground.
The school would like to put things right
But budgets, as you’ll know, are tight.
And so we hope you’ll see your way
To help with cash and make our day.

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