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Statistics for Mission Dashboards

Posted on Thursday 22 November 2018
Church of England Statistics Unit - Deanery (2016) and Parish (2017) PDF Dashboards & Diocese Summary Sheet (to year ending 2017)

The Church of England Statistics Team have issued Deanery level and Parish level pdf Dashboards for the Statistics for Mission returns. 

Please note that the Deanery dashboards only present data up-to and including 2016. The Parish level dashboards are available up-to and including 2017 data and these can be downloaded from the Diocesan website here - 

Linked below is a summary sheet for the Diocese of Ely which includes Statistics for Mission data up-to and including 2017, as well as a guide to these pdf dashboards. 

Of interest on the Diocese summary sheet, please note the percentage (%) change between years for the Usual Sunday Attendance for “Adult”, “Child” and “All Age” groups - included below. 


change, 2014-2015

change, 2015-2016

change, 2016-2017

Usual Sunday, Adult




Usual Sunday, Child




Usual Sunday, All Age





Parishes who have submitted their information via the CofE online portal will be able to view their up-to-date parish information now. 

These dashboards (and those for the Return of Parish Finance), are also available online via the Diocesan website here - 

You can access further statistical information via the Research and Statistics pages on the Church of England website here - 

The National Statistics team and those departments within the Diocese that find this information so important also wish to pass on their thanks to the many clergy, lay ministers and church officers for the hard work they do in providing this information and sustaining the worship across the Diocese week-by-week.