Bishop Stephen reflects on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Posted on Monday 18 February 2019
Bishop Stephen reflects on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land (1-12 February 2019)


"We have had a profoundly blessed experience as pilgrims, wanting to be visible and generous people of Jesus Christ. We walked in the steps of Jesus in Galilee, celebrating the Eucharist by the Lake. We followed the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem and became more ready to take up our cross daily and follow our Saviour. We worshipped and prayed with indigenous Palestinian Anglicans in their churches, encouraged by their witness and encouraging them to continue to be the ‘glue’ in their communities. We were humbled by the service provided to orphans and the elderly by Christians without very much themselves. We signed up for the pilgrimage for a range of reasons and with a variety of expectations. I think that our expectations  were exceeded and our hopes fulfilled, but not necessarily as we might have thought. The Holy Spirit was mightily at work in us, not just individually but as a genuine band of pilgrims seeking Jesus in his own land. We prayed, laughed, cried, found healing and mercy and attentive support from one another. I was asked many times what it was like to return to the Holy Land on successive pilgrimages. I was able to say that every pilgrimage is different because we travel with the gift of new people and we see new things in matching God’s word to places and landscapes. Please join us on the next pilgrimage in about three years’ time!”

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