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Bishop Stephen leads Synod debate on Growing Faith.

Posted on Sunday 24 February 2019
Bishop Stephen is Chair of the National Society Council and the Church of England's lead bishop for education. On Friday afternoon, he led a debate in General Synod on the House of Bishops' report Growing Faith.

Research shows that the vast majority of Christian adults came to faith as children or teenagers.  Across all faith traditions, people are most likely to stop considering themselves members of a faith community between the ages of 11 and 24.  The House of Bishops issued a report called Growing Faith, which was debated at Synod.  The vision  of the report is 'to ensure a national commitment to achieve a significant culture change within the Church so that every aspect of mission and ministry is seen through the lens of what it means for ministry with children, young people and households'.

The motion brought to Synod was

that this Synod

(a) welcome the House of Bishops’ vision set out in Growing Faith (GS 2121);

and (b) encourage all dioceses, parishes, fresh expressions, Church of England schools and college or university chaplaincies to ensure they weave it through every strand of their strategies for mission and ministry.

You can watch the whole debate on the Synod livestream, beginning with Bishop Stephen encouraging members of Synod to join in demonstrating the ages at which they themselves came to Christian faith.