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Gauntlet: Young People riding motorbikes, growing confidence and learning leadership skills

Posted on Tuesday 5 March 2019
Since April 2018, Thrive Youth Work have worked with a group of 10 students from St Peter’s school in Huntingdon on an exciting project called ‘Gauntlet’.

Supported by St Barnabas Church, Huntingdon through the Local Mission Project Fund, two workers from Thrive regularly take the group to Gauntlet, a charity in Ramsey that teaches young people to ride motorcycles. Over the past year, the group have developed practical skills in riding and grown personally in their confidence, resilience and leadership skills. 

Thrive aims to see the lives of young people transformed by Jesus by meeting them where they are with his good news. In order to fulfil this vision, we recognised the need to actively partner with those who are considered the hardest to reach, often due to behaviour, social circumstance or school attendance. Gauntlet allows us to spend quality time, once a week, with students who we otherwise would struggle to connect with. Through the positive time we have together, we have been able to develop strong relationships where we can see the best in them, celebrate them and earn the right to share challenges. Of the group of 10, 5 have joined our Thrive Oxmoor Youth Café and 3 have actively engaged in discussions of faith on a regular basis. To put it simply, Gauntlet allows us to show these young people that they are loved by the church and by God in a practical, tangible and (hopefully) impactful way.


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Written by Natasha Clark, our Secondary Schools Coordinator

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