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"Behold I am doing a new thing"

Photo from Rev. Steve Day (Click to enlarge)

Photo from Rev. Steve Day

Posted on Wednesday 20 March 2019
March 24th 2019 marks a new era for Wretton with Stoke Ferry and Whittington, The Wissey Valley Team Ministry and the Diocese of Ely.

“Behold I am doing a new thing!” (Isiah 43:19)

Carol Nicolas Letch is being ordained Deacon in the church she has led as a Licenced Lay Minister for the past ten years.

Her priestly Ministry has grown out of her faithful service to the people of her parish and in the Team Ministry. What is so special about this ministry is that it is locally grown and nurtured.

As Carol has followed Jesus working in her community and in the church, her faith has deepened, her engagement with her people has grown and she has become the “go-to” person in Wretton, Stoke Ferry and Whittington for all things to do with church. (Linda Church: Head of Development for Mission and Ministry) 

Carol says: “I never thought it would happen. A Lay Minister for over 10 years serving my God where I am - where God's People are. That still small voice (Kings 19:12) calling me to be a Priest? - is it I Lord, I heard you calling. No not yet - my time not yours.  It is here, the day I never thought would arrive. How do I feel? - Joy, love and deep, deep gratitude that I am where God wants me to be, at this time here, serving God's People”

All are welcome to the service which will take place at All Saints‘ Church Wretton at 4pm on 24thMarch 2019

Watch this space for photographs, interviews and reflections from the parish after the event.


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