Podcast: Reflections on the Ordination of Carol Nicholas-Letch

Posted on Monday 1 April 2019
Reflections from the congregation about the Ordination of Carol Nicholas-Letch.

Earlier this month Carol Nicholas-Letch was ordained Deacon at Wretton with Stoke Ferry and Whittington. It was a beautiful spring day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the sound of people chatting and children playing filled the air. 

All Saints’ Church was full to the brim, the choir sang beautifully and the balloons and flowers reflected to the joy on peoples’ faces.

After the service, Eleanor Puttock asked a few of the congregation and Carol their reflections on the day, you can hear the full reflections in a podcast at https://bit.ly/2FBqhiQ

 Here are a few snippets … why not listen to the full podcast and hear the full reflections.


I’ve known Carol through the school and my children, I’ve never known anyone like her, she is such an asset to the community, If there were more people like her we would live in such a wonderful world …. she is making this church a bigger and better place.”

 (Chris Knapp – Father)

“She makes church fun” (Luke Knapp – age 9)

“To me it means everything ….I am so thrilled …. she has so much time for everyone, she really is a lovely, lovely lady in the community” (Maureen Elmen)

“We are a church family, loving each other and loving our neighbours” (Carol Nicholas-Letch)


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