How to show the value of social media for your church

Posted on Tuesday 2 April 2019
The latest blog from the Church of England Digital Labs

We often get asked how much value social media is for churches, and how value can be increased. Each platform gives us the options to track lots of different numbers, known as analytics, but which ones should we be looking at, and how can we use them to show the value of your efforts for your church community?

Before we get started, why you should be trying to understand how social media is playing a role in your community?

  • You will become more effective as you’ll focus your time on doing what works.
  • You will enjoy it more because you can see how it is having a wider impact.
  • You’ll have a greater understanding of who your audience is.
  • When you understand the value, it will be easier for you to share this with others in your church and help them see how social media is playing a role in your community.

If you are looking after the social media for your church and want to know what data you should be tracking to show its value for your online and offline community, here’s what you need to consider.

1. Look at your reach and engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

2. Understanding your audience

3. Stories

4. Ask questions

5. Research

To read the full blog and the tips for the 5 points above read the blog here


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