Did you know you can use A Church Near You as your website?

Posted on Tuesday 16 April 2019
Lucie Foice-Beard, Operations Manager in Wisbech, reflects on using A Church Near You, the benefits, ease of use and other new features such as using it as the main church website.

From October 2018 I have been using the A Church Near You’ platform as St Peter and St Paul’s Church main web page.  The site is amazingly simplistic to navigate with great features.   There are options to add/update regular services but also to promote the one-off events/services we have on offer.  Photos can be added to events to really bring the pages alive.  One of my favourite features is the ability to share an event on to other platforms.  After creating an event, I often share it onto Facebook to maximize coverage.  Another important and very useful feature is the dashboard you are greeted with once logged in.  There is a box with the amount of views the church page has had for the week, the month and the year.  This is helpful to keep a track of how many people interact with the page.    It is a very clean, crisp website, which directs people to 'A Church Near you’ which I enjoy using as an editor of a page and as a guest when I am looking for a church service to attend. 

If your church has not yet claimed their A Church Near You page, find out how to become an editor here

If there are any other features you need help with, do visit our Editor Help Centre, which has hundreds of blogs to help you use the site.

In addition, the Resource Hub gives Church of England churches access to logos, videos and stock photography to be used across their communication platforms. which can be accessed through A Church Near You for logged-in editors, and contains high quality resources for use across websites, social media, print and even church TVs.


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