How to use Instagram Live

Posted on Friday 3 May 2019
Instagram Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live to your followers, but how and when can you use it? - A Church of England LabsLearning Blog

The Live appears in the Stories bar, labelled “Live” on the avatar to differentiate it from Stories. To watch an Instagram Live, you simply click on that avatar, as you would to watch a Story. 

So far Instagram Live sounds quite like an Instagram Story, so why would you choose to do a Live? First, Instagram users spend eight times longer watching Lives compared to Stories. In fact, 82 per cent prefer Instagram Live to any other kind of social media post. 

Lives also offer a great way of connecting and interacting with your audience. Followers can send questions to the host during the Live by writing in the comments box at the bottom of the screen. This engagement will not only boost your performance on Instagram, but also allows people to connect with your church in a new way. People who may not engage with your church through traditional means could feel able to reach out. 

You don’t have to Instagram Live alone! You are now able to co-host a Live, so that multiple users can stream to your followers. You might like to use this for members of your church’s leadership team to chat through your upcoming services, or perhaps preview what a guest speaker will be talking about at an upcoming event, inviting them to join you on a Live. Keep reading to find out how. 

Unlike Stories, which can only be 15 seconds, a Live can last for up to one hour. If you want to share a longer update, host a Q&A or stream part of a service, Live is for you. 

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