Strengthening the safety net

Posted on Tuesday 28 May 2019
Can you support the Children’s Society campaign to strengthen the safety net to ensure families in crisis can get emergency support when they need it?

An unexpected crisis can happen to anyone. Causes could be job loss, relationship breakdown, long-term poverty, or an unexpected expense such as a broken boiler.

We all want to feel that, if a crisis hits, we will get the support we need to keep going. This support provides a safety net when the worst happens. It could be assistance from friends, family or emergency help from local councils.

This safety net is at risk.

1 in 7 councils are no longer providing emergency funds that help families who find themselves in need. Those councils that do have funds are facing decreasing budgets and uncertain futures. This leaves those who can’t rely on the support of loved ones with nowhere to turn.

As a result, people are increasingly turning to foodbanks and other forms of voluntary support to keep them going but these services simply can’t keep up with the demand.

The Children’s Society need your help to ensure that every local council adequately funds emergency support for families to ensure no-one is left with nowhere to turn at a time of crisis.

You can campaign with the Children’s Society to ensure emergency support is available for families in need.

You can find out more about this campaign on the Children’s Society website here.

A local example…

Throughout Lent, St Andrew's was building their own paperchain net - with each link representing a £1 donation to The Children's Society's - Strengthening the Safety Net -campaign.

You can support the Lent 'Safety Net' campaign running at St Andrew's – with every £1 'buying' a link in their paperchain net on display in the church, with all donations going to TCS.

You can join The Children's Society's Strengthening the Safety Net campaign – by visiting their website to find out more and how you can get in touch with your councillors to demand better support for families in financial crisis.