Connectivity in Churches

Posted on Tuesday 25 June 2019
The Church of England has created a range of resources on "What can connectivity do for your church building?" With lead thefts on the rise this case study from St Mary's, Bluntisham-cum-Earith offers some interesting insights from Andrew Edney, Churchwarden.

SECURITY: Connectivity allows for a wide range of options in this department, which simply would not be available otherwise. Alarm systems can be connected via broadband or mobile networks to third-party services, so that they become much more than mere deterrents, and shift some of the burden for day-to-day church-care from churchwardens and neighbours.

For larger churches or church buildings which find themselves particularly at risk from crime, preventative measures such as CCTV facilities can be hugely improved by connectivity services. Better church security will help PCCs and potentially have positive implications on long-term running-costs in terms of insurance policies, and the repair or replacement of stolen or damaged church property.


CASE STUDY: St Mary’s Church dates back to the 13th Century, and serves the villages of Bluntisham and Earith in Ely diocese. The impressive building stands in a large churchyard among mature trees on the edge of Bluntisham, overlooking Bury Fen. 

The church is also served by a spacious Victorian Church Hall, which is used by church members for formal and informal meetings, and celebrations; and it's rented out for art classes, parent-and-toddler groups, parties, and other community events.

The decision to bring connectivity to the church was, unfortunately, made for them; as a result of the church being targeted repeatedly by criminal gangs:

"Having suffered lead thefts a number of years ago, we then suffered a second round of lead thefts during the work to replace the roofing material from the first round of lead thefts."

Insurance requirements meant that an alarm system would have to be fitted to prevent such a tragedy striking the church again. The PCC decided to look into CCTV camera systems to ensure that nobody had to be present to confront the gangs if such a thing were to happen again...

You can read the full article or you can watch the video.

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