A Church Near You: New Features including a Benefice Option

Posted on Friday 5 July 2019
This week, a series of new features launched on A Church Near You based on feedback from our 16,000 editors. Churches using the site will now be able to embed videos onto their pages, add biographies for clergy and use the site as a Benefice website, with new Benefice homepages and an easy tool to copy events onto every church in the Benefice, saving editors from entering this information multiple times.

A Church Near You is an important tool for the Church of England, with 80 per cent of visitors coming to the site for the first time, this is an amazing opportunity for local churches to reach out to people in their community and welcome them into the church for a life event, special event or regular service.

Has your church claimed their FREE page on A Church Near You? With nearly 1.2 million users annually, ACNY is at the heart of all the Church’s national campaigns; 23 per cent of churches that engaged with the site this Christmas saw an increase in attendance figures.

The list of new features include the following:

  • The new Benefice homepage.  
  • Ability to copy events to the pages of other churches you edit. 
  • Regular events that don't follow a weekly pattern can be added using a custom form
  • Videos can be embedded in pages. 
  • You can re-order your pages. 
  • New Email features
  • Add a biography about your vicar or select which member of clergy leads your church if you are part of a team ministry.
  • Link to your Instagram page.
  • New Tag options

Find out the full resource facilities in the Church of England Labs Learning Blog or visit A Church Near You and have a look and explore.

You can read about the benefits of A Church Near You in a reflection by Lucie in Wisbech