Digital Engagement: How to set up to film a video on your phone

Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2019
Over the last few years, video has become a popular and engaging way to communicate with our online communities.

On average, 78 percent of us watch online videos every week (Hub Spot), and for good reason, as they are personal, memorable and engaging. As churches, including video in our online content, is a sensible move if we want to grow our online communities and reach more people with a message of faith and hope. 

When it comes to how you create a video – what do you need to know? What’s the correct way to set them up? Where should you put the light source? What do you need to know about sound? Read on to find out what you need to know to set up and record your video straight to your smartphone.

Read the full blog from the Church of England Learning Labs to have a step by step guide. 

If you make a video share it on your various platforms and don't forget to tag the Diocese of Ely 

Or tell Eleanor Puttock (Digital Evangelism Manager) via email at if you'd like it shared further. We look forward to seeing your videos!