How a Mission Administrator has has helped the growth of the Stilton Group: A Growth Fund Story

Posted on Thursday 11 July 2019
The Stilton Group of Churches (Benefice of Stilton with Denton and Caldecote with Folkesworth with Morborne and Haddon) comprises of 5 churches in surrounding villages, Stilton, Elton, Folksworth, Haddon and Morborne. As a result, there is a lot of work to be done to cover all 5 churches. A Growth Fund has enabled the appointment of an administrator which has given the vicar, Revd Richard Gibbs, administrative support to free his time for mission.

Since the beginning of the growth fund the role of the administrator has meant there has been support to do administrative duties and promotional work such as the website, social-media, email communication, welcome leaflets for each parish and much much more. This has enabled time to launch a Messy Church, growth plans to be introduced in all five parishes as well as new services and other outreach initiatives and church attendance is up.


Laura, the current administrator, reflects on her role below. 

The role of Mission Administrator takes a great deal of the burden of paperwork and responsibility away from the Vicar allowing him to concentrate on his role within the churches. One area of work within my role has been as the Parish Safeguarding Officer, this role has seen me attend training through the Diocese of Ely in Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment. Taking the knowledge gained from these training courses I have been able to ensure that the Stilton Group of Churches is following all guidance and protocol in the areas of Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment. It has involved me ensuring all volunteers, whether PCC members, Church Wardens or volunteers with Church groups have DBS checks, have completed the necessary Safeguarding Training for their roles and create personnel files for everyone. This is an ongoing task that takes a lot of time and organisation.”

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