Wednesday Night Live: A Changing Market Towns Story

Posted on Friday 12 July 2019
St. Thomas a Becket Church in Ramsey has recently started an evening group "Wednesday Night Live" as a way to invite those who want to investigate Christianity, are new to church or those who want to brush up on their basic Christian knowledge. Leo (Community Mission Worker) reflects on how it is going.

On Wednesday 9th July, we had a tremendous Wednesday Night Live (WNL) service. Pip lead us all in singing a blend of new and old worship songs. Revd Canon Richard Darmody lead our interactive service by showing a 7-minute video clip on Joni Earekson’s inspirational story of facing her sufferings which was caused by a fatal accident. Richard then shared a short sermon on finding hope in suffering. 

The night proceeded with a lively group discussion commenting and answering questions on suffering and hope, our group sessions were lead by myself, the pioneer of WNL. 

We introduced WNL as a Fresh Expression of church at St Thomas a Becket. WE started on 1st May 2019 and run weekly sessions. We have noticed an increase in the number of people coming to our services and already we have one member of WNL has asked for prayers for her house and also would like to be baptised.

Attendees are from a variety of different backgrounds; Foodbank clients, members of St Thomas a Becket Church, the Catholic Church and folks in the Ramsey Community with no previous affiliations with church all coming for our WNL interactive fun service. It offers the chance for building further relationships within community while an opportunity to explore and deepen our faith.

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