Changing Market Towns: Reflections from an Operations Manager

Posted on Tuesday 6 August 2019
Rebecca Parnell is the Operations Manager for the town of March. She has been considering the idea of visibility and its importance in everyday church life and community outreach. She is writing about how it is relevant to her role in the monthly magazine in five instalments, this is instalment two.

From the Parish magazine:

There are 5 areas in which I aim to make a visible difference within my role: Christ, Care, Community, Contribution and Compliance. 

Part 2 covers the idea of 'Care' and how it relates to the work I am doing.


Working to ensure that the endless love, care and compassion found within everyday church life and fellowship is made more perceptible to those who are not yet a part of it, but who may benefit from al- lowing that comforting aspect of faith into their lives.

  • Enabling each church to be outwardly represented in the best way possible, while accommodating the needs of all generations and challenging the pre- conceived ideas that those outside our fellowship sometimes have regarding faith as a whole, as well as about church life, buildings and people. Eg Re- formatting baptism and marriage service forms and information, to improve presentation and first impressions. Working to establish a baptism follow-up scheme to encourage families to view christenings as a journey within faith, as opposed to a single service in Church.
  • Liaising closely with and listening to the needs of parishioners, volunteers and PCCs to establish a foundation of trust and to better understand their values and ideals, to identify how we can best develop their confidence, knowledge and ideas to utilise the wide range of skills on offer, for the benefit of our parishes.
  • Ensuring where possible that the views, opinions and ideas of both the church and wider community are heard, valued and taken on board, by way of surveys, feedback and suggestion forms, online polls and personal discussions.

Written by Rebecca Parnell: Operations Manager (March)

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