Three key ideas - Bible, Prayer, Church

The Bible

A collection of writings (books) from 40+ authors, over a period of 1600 years, which may or may not have been edited as well.

It is breath-taking in its complexity whilst supremely united by a common theme or purpose. The Bible remains perhaps the most trusted and central authority to our understanding of and encountering God.

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Is simply our on-going conversation with God. It is not a shopping list of wants. It does not require fancy language. It only needs to be truthful – after all God knows us.

God wants us to share our lives with “His” – so conversation is natural just as between two friends!

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The Church

The collection of people who seek to follow the way of Jesus.

Because we’re human, we organise our gatherings and create rules and regulations to go with the gatherings - we end up with denominations and Church Services.

Church however, remains primarily a movement of change in people’s lives based on the good news of what God has done, is doing and will complete one day.

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