If God is seeking to become part of our story and for us to be part of His story, then we need to work together, share our lives. How do we do this? How can we build a relationship with the Author of all the great stories, all the personal stories? This is what “prayer” is really about.

So “What is Prayer?” Here are a few headlines:

  • Prayer is an invitation to explore the very heart of God
  • Prayer is the place where we know God and are known by God
  • Prayer is the love relationship between each of us and God
  • It is love expressed; by us and by God
  • It is an ongoing conversation, where we discover God, our True Selves, and others.

We too often limit the word “prayer” to the words we speak to God, especially in a formal setting, or organised way. If the biblical image of a love story is taken seriously, I cannot see how prayer can be so limited.

"When I met my wife, we talked. We talked a lot! Not just at set times, for a set period. Not just with a formal manner, or fixed purpose. And when we talked, it was about everything: hopes and dreams; fears and concerns; even the “darkness's” or blights within our spirits...

... Sometimes when we were together we spoke not a word, but in enjoying what was going on around us, such as beautiful sunsets, walks beside rivers, we were still speaking to one another. I’m sure you have your own special memories of time with loved ones. Do the dry descriptions of how to pray convey the richness of the way you were or are with those loved ones? So why do we mechanise prayer?" Rob Taylor, Bishop's Officer for Growing Vocations.

Prayer is an on-going conversation with God with our whole being, not just words and not just at set times.

None of us are “experts”, but all of us are as qualified, for all of us are capable of having a relationship with another person.

Why Pray?

God expects us to pray. He wants us to pray, for he chose to walk with His Creations Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening, the act of a close and trusting friend. From our perspective, it is our only way to stay connected to the God and His Real Reality. Let’s remember that Jesus, when he was human needed it.

Some books to help:

  • Prayer. By Richard Foster
  • Prayer. By Philip Yancey
  • Talking about Prayer. By Richard Bewes
  • Too busy not to Pray. By Bill Hybels
  • Exploring Prayer. By Sue Mayfield