Nearly a quarter of girls aged 14 (22%) said they had self-harmed in just a year according to a new report by The Children's Society.

Key findings from The Children's Society Good Childhood Report 2018 include;

  • Pressure to fit in with society's expectations is making children unhappy.
  • Alarming numbers of children are self-harming.
  • Non-stop comments about appearance are harmful to girls' wellbeing
  • Outdated gender stereotypes are damaging to boys' and girls' happiness
  • Family relationships are particularly important for girls

How is The Children's Society responding to these challenges?

Emily Timmins from The Children's Society will be talking about this at St Andrews Church on Sunday 14th October.

˜Feeling not pretty enough or good enough as other girls did contribute to my self-harming“ Young person

St Andrews, Stapleford is partnered with The Children's Society in its work to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Their annual Children's Society service will take place at 09.45 on Sunday 14th October, at which Emily Timmins will speak.

You can read more about The 2018 Good Childhood Report, including advice to parents on The Children's Society website

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