All of the 16,500 churches in the CofE have a page on the website, including the nearly 300 churches across Europe and Morocco.

Churches can log in and edit these pages, adding photos, services and events and information about the life of the church. Follow the steps on the Church of England Editor Help Centre to claim your church's page if you are not yet using the site.

After relaunching the seven-year-old site in time for Christmas last year to get the site secure, mobile-friendly and easier to edit, the Church of England started work on phase two of the new ACNY this summer (2018).

These changes now mean churches can use the site as their website for FREE. By following these simple steps, you can point your domain towards your A Church Near You page, so you can still use your existing URL to encourage people to find out more about your church.

This means you won't have to reprint literature with your URL on, or update any information on your social media channels about your web address using your existing www. will take visitors through to your ACNY page.

Find out more on the Church of England website here -

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