Changing Market Towns Prayer

Change is impossible without God. That is why prayer is vital.

Changing Market Towns Prayer

This is the Changing Market Towns prayer, written by Iain Osborne, Incumbent of Ramsey, and commended for use in every town.

God of hope, we pray for our market towns,
and the churches that serve them.
We thank you for your faithful care, that has made us who we are,
and we trust you for our future.
Unite us, give us heart and hope, and build up your kingdom
in the places we love.
We pray in the name of the carpenter of Nazareth,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Further Prayer Resources

Further Prayer Resources for our Changing Market Towns can be found on the link below. This includes an access link for the weekly prayers, prayers for the season and individual prayer pointers.


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First published on: 5th January 2022
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